All Surface Restoration offers pressure washing & sealing services to maintain the beauty & durability of exterior bluestone surfaces.
No matter how dirty or neglected your bluestone is, we can transform it to a like new condition & protect it from water penetration & future stains.
Bluestone is extremely porous as compared to other types of stone and absorbs water easily. Water migration within the stone will cause deterioration in time.
Therefore, it’s important to ensure that moisture within the stone can migrate & evaporate.
Deterioration occurs through weathering, pollution, soot & dirt accumulation.
Further damage can occur through erosion, as a result of movement caused by thermal expansion & contraction.
Cleaning bluestone is essential to keep dirt & pollutants from accumulating.
Exterior bluestone surfaces in Michigan should be cleaned & sealed at least once every 2-3 years to protect from stain build-up, water & salt penetration.
Our cleaning process is safe & will not damage the integrity of the bluestone.
Pressure cleaning will remove ALL moss, mildew, algae, dirt, grease, oil, rust, carbon & mineral stains.
After bluestone is cleaned it should ALWAYS be protected. Application of Surface Saver Sealer will prevent water infiltration without trapping moisture within the stone.
Surface Saver penetrates deep into the limestone forming a lasting bond below the surface. It will not change the natural appearance of the bluestone.
Sealing bluestone with Surface Saver Sealer forms a barrier, which locks out water & stains for an extended period, typically 3-4 years on horizontal surfaces & 5-7 years on vertical surfaces.
If you notice that your bluestone frequently develops stains from mildew, algae, dirt, soot or crusts, you should have it sealed to help prevent frequent recurrence of stains. 
Never trust your bluestone to ANY contractor who is not knowledgeable, trained & experienced in bluestone cleaning & sealing.

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